Banquet of Books

Collaborative Reading-Writing-Citing Workshop

Through my academic role on the MArch in Sustainable Architecture at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), I have developed a collaborative Reading-Writing-Citing workshop, ‘Banquet of Books’. Staged as a ‘de-lectable’ banquet, laid out with ‘tablecloth’, ‘cutlery’ (fountain pens, crayons) and ‘napkins’ (blotting paper), the workshop is designed to promote ‘gregarious’ reading and writing through practical and material participation in, and understanding of, intertextuality. The workshop offers an academic referencing ‘workout’, and an opportunity to ‘taste’ either my entire library, or any book from the reading list for a current assignment. The product, a collaborative piece of text art, is retained for display and future reference at CAT. This year’s workshop has been run in collaboration with the National Library of Wales.